Country Living To Me

What is country living to you? I believe it means something different to each of us. To me country living is a combination of all different things depending on the time of year. Country living to me is the simple things.

 Country In The Spring

In the spring; it’s the flowers and fields beginning to bloom, the children outdoors jumping in puddles, waking up to birds chirping and the sun coming through the window. Everything in nature is coming back to life and this time of year, my soul is reawakening. What is country living in the spring for you?

Country In The Summer

In the summer; it’s the smell of fresh cut grass, jumping in the creek to cool down, it’s the popsicles running down children’s faces, bonfires, it’s the coffee on the porch in the mornings, and cooking food on the grill. All of the long days spent outside soaking up the sun’s rays this time of year. What is country living in the summer for you?

Country In The Fall

In the fall; it’s the way the leaves change and fall, children jumping in those leaves, hooded sweatshirts, the smell of food in the crockpot. All the beautiful colors of nature and the way it changes, so that it can be reborn again this time of year. What’s country living in the fall for you?

Country In The Winter

In the winter; it’s the peaceful snow falling in an open field, trees and back roads covered in the snow, and cutting down Christmas trees on farms. The peacefulness of this time of year is my favorite. What’s country living in the winter for you?

Living The Life

Living the country life to me is living the good, peaceful, simplicity of life. Say what you want about the good of living in the city, but you’ll never convince me. There are just some things about country living that you cannot experience with city life.


Written by Miranda Raley 2021. This content is copywrite and may not be used without permission. Contact

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